Friday, January 4, 2008

What Kind of Networker are You?

People come in all shapes and sizes. They also come with different personalities too. Whether you're somewhat shy and reserved, or whether you're an outgoing people-person, there's a networking style for you!

During this series, we'll look at four different types of people and talk about some of their strengths and weaknesses in regard to networking. Here's how I break them down:

Tigers are go getters! They love the hunt and they know how to connect.

Seals work well in groups! They love strengthening existing relationships and building new ones.

Rabbits hop all over the place! They're great at meeting lots of people.

Owls are loners! They're not big on crowds and don't like to draw attention to themselves.

So what kind of person are you? Over the next few days, we'll look at each one and what makes them great; and not-so-great.

Part 2: Are You a Tiger?
Part 3: Are You a Seal?
Part 4: Are You a Rabbit?
Part 5: Are You an Owl?

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