Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Are You a Seal?

Seals were one of my favorites animals when I was a kid! I loved watching them swim like a bullet through the water and then leap effortlessly onto one of the rocks in their pool. When I think of the Seals I watched as a kid, I think of grace. But when you see them on a nature show, they are so much more!

One thing I've always noticed about Seals is they work well in groups. They herd fish together and help protect each other. They're very social, know how relax together and know how to have fun! We can learn a lot from Seals.

Networker's that are Seals are social creatures. They like being around people and they work well with others. They enjoy helping their contacts herd fish (get business, AKA "referrals"), and protect their contacts by encouraging them and feeding them positive information that helps build their business. They're also great at maintaining multiple relationships and building new ones!

One thing a Seal has to learn to resist is the tendency to become consumed by their network. At some point they need to remember to work too!

Seal's make powerful networkers! A Seal has many of the good qualities of both the Tiger and the Rabbit. They fit in well in most any group, they're relaxed around others and they provide extraordinary value!

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