Monday, January 7, 2008

Are You a Tiger?

Tigers are hunters! They focus in on their prey and go after them!

Networker's that are Tigers have STRONG personalities. This works both for and against them. They know who they want to meet, and they're not afraid to pursue them. Shy is not a word that describes a Tiger!

While focus is good, it can also be a turn off! Some Tigers are so focused on making the contact that they'll do anything to achieve their goal. There is a fine line between pestering and persistence! I've watched many a Tiger scare their target off because they've come on too strong.

Remember! Networking is about relationships, not kills (sales). If you're at a networking event to make sales you're not networking, you're selling! Work on building relationships first!!

There is nothing wrong with being a Tiger. In fact, they make excellent networkers if they learn how to overcome that KILL instinct! If you're a Tiger, remember to slow down a little and build trust first.

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