Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are You a Rabbit?

One word that just goes with Rabbit is HOP! They hop here, they hop there, they hop everywhere!!

Some Networks are like this. The Rabbit Networker never stays in one place for very long. They want to meet everyone at the party, they are great a small talk and they make friends fast.

The problem that many Rabbits face though, is they sometimes have trouble building STRONG relationships. Most have met the Rabbits in the group, but few really KNOW them. Another challenge is paying attention! Just like a real Rabbit, they tend to look all over the place (which when you're talking to someone is rude). Focus is a problem for them.

Rabbits are great friends to have, because they can introduce you to pretty much anyone in a group. They just need to learn to slow down a little and remember that it's not alway quantity that that counts, they also need to shoot for quality too!!

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