Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are You an Owl?

Hey you! Hoo? You! Hoo? YOU! Me? YES YOU! Are you an Owl?

When I think of Owls, I think of intelligence. I also think of seclusion. Owls aren't the most social creatures, are they? They keep to themselves, hunt mostly at night and blend in to their surroundings. Some networkers are like this!

Owl networks have a hard time. They're not comfortable in large groups, and they hate being the center of attention. Too many Owls try to change who they are by forcing themselves to socialize more. This isn't bad! Building up resistance to fears and learning to overcome anxieties is a good thing. But there are strengths to the Owl too!

Networkers, that are Owls, need to remember that just because they prefer to be "by themselves", that doesn't mean they need to be "by themselves" alone. Online Social Networking Sites are revolutionizing how people connect! Because most people don't have a clue about how to take advantage of "Online Social Networking", Owls should make it a goal to master this form of communication.

That doesn't mean Owls shouldn't go to social gatherings. It just means they should go to them with a Rabbit or a Seal and let one of them introduce them to a few of their friends. Once the ice is broken (and the Owl has some contact information), he can then help these new friends either build their networks online, or teach them how to use the internet more effectively. All from the comfort of home!

There are many ways to network, and this short series has just touched on a few. Many of us are a combination of these animals and reflect each to a greater or lesser degree in different situations. Learning 2 Network is dedicated to help people learn how to improve their networking skills regardless of personality types and comfort zones. Stay tuned for more help! Thanks for reading!!

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1 comment:

Robert A. said...

Hi Jim, it'a a great series of networker type.

I can't find anyone fit into me, but maybe I'm closer to an owl =) I can say that an owl that understand the importance of networking.

Few times in networking session, I just started with asking, getting to know what the other people is doing, and looking forward if there is anything in common, so that I can share more about myself. I can say that the first time meeting is quite good for me, I'm able to get their contact, and I'm quite satisfied with the conversation.
However I enjoy only one-in-one conversation.

After networking, I find it hard to maintain the relationship, maybe more of not knowing what to talk about if meeting again for the second time.

Looking forward for more tips from you.
Keep it up!
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